Who are we?


Conviviality in the mayors This is your Association, here to help all the residents of Buckingham and the surrounding area to find out if there is a link and hopefully a friend for you in our twin town of Mouvaux, near Lille in France.

We are now established into a successful growing relationship with our friends in France. Well over a hundred people from each town have met, made friends, stayed in each others’ houses and shared ideas about their interests. Now we want YOU!


The Twinning Ceremony As you will see from these pages, there’s lots going on. If you are young, you can get a pen pal in Mouvaux or join in the annual civic visit with our French friends each November. We now have a firm football link with our own Moretonville. We have regularly had some performance work around the theme of ‘The Environment’ using dance and drama and we have even had an inter-schools debate on Citizenship in Europe. The two business clubs have exchanged ideas.

However above all we have had lots of fun and that is the most important thing of all. If you wonder why we’re planning so far ahead, it’s because we want to build links between youngsters in Buckingham and French students well before they come over. We’re working with schools locally and youth groups - if you haven’t heard about this, do get in touch!

We’re not forgetting the grown-ups either. Groups from Buckingham and Mouvaux including U3A are criss-crossing the Channel, and a bit of friendly rivalry is building up between various clubs including the photographers who are mounting a competition. Our local orchestra was a real hit in Mouvaux at the end of May last year.

We have made lots of links so far so do get involved, tell us what your interest is and we will help you find a friend in Mouvaux!

We now have a Facebook page - see our list of links.

We are delighted that our Town Council have approved a Town Friendship Pact with The Mayor of Neukirchen-Vluyn.

When you next visit the Small Hall in the Community Centre, you will see on the wall a picture of the Grand Boulevard in Mouvaux - this was a gift from them on one of their recent civic visits.

Reports of recent events

Click the index on the left under "Past events in Mouvaux",or "Past events in Buckingham" or, in the case of German visits "Neukirchen-Vluyn".
  • Wine and Cheese Evening with Ron Gleeson 5 October 2018
  • International Youth Forum Neukirchen-Vluyn 28-29 September 2018
  • Barbecue in John Murray's garden 18 August 2018
  • Boules Competition in Buckingham Square 13 July 2018
  • Coffee and Croissants Mouvaux Hall Buckingham 3 February 2018

Our aims
  • To bring about friendships and create a shared sense of community between the people of Buckingham and those of towns in different countries
  • To encourage the understanding of other peoples’ way of life To open up the horizons of the young to prepare them for the increasingly global future
  • To share knowledge and enthusiasms for the arts, sports and business
  • To experience each other’s history, culture and crafts