Forthcoming events
Forthcoming Events


The committee usually meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm at the Old Latin House, Market Hill (Stephanie's home). Anyone is welcome to attend but it is helpful to know beforehand so that we can welcome you. There is very limited parking: it might be easier to park in Cornwalls Meadow and to walk up from there.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 7 November 2018 at 7.30 pm.

If you wish to raise a specific matter contact Jane Mordue

Officers for the Association

The following appointments are current as of today's date:

 European Union?

3-4 November - Multi-town (4 towns) Twinning Exhibition in Mouveaux

We have agreed to take part in this. We will at least have an exhibition stand about Buckingham but we hope that other town organisations might like to take part, either by having an exhibition stand of their own or by doing an activity as part of a programme organised by Mouvaux over the weekend. Planning is now in hand and we would welcome ideas (to Stephanie please).

Wednesday 14 November - Twinning Association AGM

This will take place in the University Chandos Road Building. It will start at 7.00 pm with wine and nibbles followed by the meeting at 7.30 pm. At about 8.00 pm a film entitled "Au revoir là haut" will be shown. This film is in French with English sub-titles and has the distinction of winning the Prix Goncourt in 2014.

1-2 December - Mouvaux Marche Noel

We have already agreed that as usual we will send a small group to this event to run a stall selling Christmas goodies. Those interested in being involved should contact Jane.

Saturday 15 December - Buckingham Christmas Parade

We plan to take part both in this and accompanying Community Fair in the Community Centre. Ideas are welcome.

Future plans

The Cycling Clubs are organising another get-together. Cultural exchanges are being planned involving art, design and fashion. Nordic walking with a German group from Neukirchen-Vluyn is being investigated. Visits to Jazz festivals are being considered (Tourcoing has an annual one in October each year). We are looking at some ideas involving exchanges on rural crafts. Small group visits (involving one or two cars) from and to Neukirchen-Vluyn and Mouvaux will continue: one involving our respective walkers is being considered. We are looking into the possibility of a French visit to Silverstone Race Circuit. An idea about book exchanges between libraries is now being planned. Winslow Lions are seriously looking at a link with Lions in Neukirchen-Vluyn. Links between Rotary Clubs in each town are being considered.