Business News

In Mouvaux 2004

A meeting between the Buckingham Business Club and the Mouvaux Group for Business Start-Up (VNEI) discussed the differences between our economic and social circumstances. This included a sharp difference in unemployment rates and different tax structures. In particular we compared the availability and diversity of support for start-ups. We were impressed by the Mouvaux system of an integrated approach for the selection of candidates for guidance and loan assistance. We explained our problems with governmental red tape. At the end we received an offer from the Mouvaux group to help us to build a similar system of support for new businesses in our area.

In Buckingham 2005

We invited all the adults who came on the civic visit to walk round the town and then to give us their perceptions of how we managed our role as a tourist town. It was good that our visitors were able to see some splendid window displays done especially for their visit: these were done in a competition organised the previous week by the Twinning Association and the Buckingham Advertiser. We especially congratulate the Cheltenham & Gloucester, Howes the Florist and Ginnys for their magnificent displays.

In a discussion that followed the walk they confirmed a good impression but some interesting ideas emerged, the most pertinent one being the unfortunate impression created by entering the town from the Cornwalls Car Park through a very dark and depressing Meadow Walk.

The day started with a most cordial coffee session at the home of Stephanie Scrase. Whilst some of us showed our visitors around the town, the rest from the Buckingham Business Club were given a presentation of the development plans for Mouvaux by the Mouvaux Mayor, Patrick Balay.

In Mouvaux 2007

A small group from the Buckingham Business Club went on the civic visit to Mouvaux 13-15 April 2007. They were given a most interesting and informative presentation on plans for a comprehensive redevelopment planned for Mouvaux town centre. The enthusiasm of the Mayor was evident and I found him exciting to listen to. In his case we were given a superb example of how one can get ideas to germinate with a mission to succeed. I could not help thinking how frustrating it has become sitting on a committee of the Buckingham Community Plan where idea after idea has been ignored by our local councils. We were then taken to see the area actually on the ground. Oh for the vision of Mouvaux!

Geoff Shaw