News of young people

Our latest prizewinner for the most improved pupil in a local school

Sam Mainard
The BTA award for the most improved pupil in 2016 who is studying modern languages at a local school was presented to Sam Mainard at The Royal Latin School on Thursday 30 June. We congratulate him on this achievement.

Exchange visits

An exchange visit has taken place between the Silverstone University Technical College, the Royal Latin School and Julius-Stursberg Gymnasium in Neurkirchen-Vluyn when 16 local students from the two colleges went to Germany in November 2014. A return trip has been planned for early 2015.

Latest plans

Two classes from the College in Mouvaux (53 pupils) are coming to Buckingham 18-22 May 2015 and will be visiting the Royal Latin School and Akeley Wood School. As part of their visit they will tour Buckingham (possibly including Stowe) and will be taken to the mecca of Milton Keynes. Penfriends already exist between the three schools.

Pen Friends

We have been asked to find pen-friends - to communicate by letter or email. We would like this to grow into family exchanges but we have experienced reluctance from people to commit themselves in this way. Some ideas that are being considered are:
  • A fiches d'identite project to be done as a class project on each side of the Channel
  • Use the Civic Visit as a "primer"
  • Arrange pen-links with two particular primary schools.

School links

We are pleased to announce that the following school links are in existence:
  • Ecole Jeanne d'Arc with Buckingham Primary School
  • Ecole Victor Hugo with Steeple Claydon School
  • Ecole St Francois with Bourton Meadow School
  • Ecole Sacre Coeur with Bourton Meadow School
  • Collège van der Meersch with the Royal Latin School
  • Lycée Gambetta, Tourcoing (which serves Mouvaux pupils 15-18 years old) with the Royal Latin School
  • Collège Maxence van der Meersch with Buckingham School
  • Silverstone University Technical College with Julius-Stursberg Gymnasium in Neukirchen-Vluyn

University of Buckingham

The University of Buckingham (see the Links page for details of the University) offers the following possibilities:
  • A 9 week course over 1 term (fee charged).
  • A job within the University for a suitable applicant
  • A "work experience" engagement of 1 week.